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Supreme Style

Saga 2022 DRL

Be noticed, even during the day, with our new LED Daytime Running Lamps

Saga 2022 Skirting

Bold new front and side skirtings add a sporty feel and functional aerodynamic benefits.

Saga 2022 New rim

Dynamic dual tone wheels move you in style.

Saga 2022 Steering

Change audio settings and answer calls without taking your hands off the leatherette bound steering wheel.

Saga 2022 seat

Supple stylish all-new semi leatherette seats add a sense of sporty for you and your passengers.

Saga 2022 AC Panel

Set the interior temperature with ease via our redesigned air-conditioning controls.

Adjust the height of your steering wheel with ease for optimised driving comfort.

Saga 2022 cabin filter

Effectively filters out smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants to give you improved air quality in the cabin.

Saga 2022 rear seat fold

Additional cargo space is always available when needed. The Saga is always ready for a shopping spree!

Smart Saving

Saga 2022 Intelligent entry

Enter and exit your Saga without having to take out your car keys.

Saga 2022 mirrors auto fold

Door mirrors that fold in automatically during door locking operation for added convenience.

Saga 2022 remote trunk release

Access the trunk conveniently and safely without having to get into the car.

A push start button now replaces turning your key in the ignition.

Saga 2022 touch screen

Access and organise your entertainment options conveniently thanks to the 7” touchscreen monitor with Bluetooth connectivity.

Saga 2022 smartphone connectivity

Mirror-link your Android or iOS smartphone to the IHU for easy access to your favourite apps.

Saga 2022 eco driveAssists your driving to minimise fuel consumption as much as possible.

Saga 2022 reminder

Infotainment Head Unit will remind you with 3 icons (personal belongings, gadgets, children) once you turn the engine off.

Saga 2022 usb port

Conveniently located USB ports provide all the charge your devices could need.

Superb Stability

Saga 2022 SRS airbags

Additional protection for the driver and front passenger in case of a collision with twin front SRS airbags.



Saga 2022 ABS EBD

Maintain control when braking heavily or in wet conditions.

Saga 2022 BA

An active vehicle safety feature that is designed to provide extra brake support for quicker stops during emergency braking.

Saga 2022 ESC TCS

Comes standard with ESC and TCS to help maintain control around corners, especially during slippery road conditions.

Saga 2022 HHA

Never fear slipping backwards when moving from a stationary position on a steep slope.

Saga 2022 reverse camera

Park within tight spaces confidently using the reverse camera.

Saga 2022 parking sensor

Sensors provide assistance when parking with audible alerts from both front and rear parking sensors.


Saga 2022 Different